Oscars: 19 films that should never have won, from Chariots of Fire to Gladiator

...and what should have won instead

Jacob Stolworthy@Jacob_Stol
Sunday 25 April 2021 23:21
Oscars 2019: Green Book wins best picture

Any belief that the Oscars award the right films, directors and performances has long-since faded over the years.

While every ceremony has a smattering of correct decisions – trophies handed to the right people for the right films – more often than not, the pervading feeling is one of pessimism caused by a deluge of undeserving recipients.

The Oscars are a far cry from what they claim to be – a celebration of the previous year's cinematic offerings – but this does not stop people from tuning in or trawling the internet the following morning in the hope that maybe, just maybe, the winners list impresses rather than disappoints.

With the 2021 ceremony arriving this weekend, we have highlighted 19 films that really should not have been awarded Oscars.

Click through the below gallery to see what made the list

The 2021 Oscars take place on 25 February.

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