Robert de Niro says he would play New York governor Andrew Cuomo in coronavirus movie

Brad Pitt recently portrayed Dr Anthony Fauci in SNL

Clémence Michallon
New York City
Thursday 07 May 2020 15:42 BST
Robert de Niro says he'd play Andrew Cuomo in movie

Robert de Niro knows just who he would like to play if – and presumably when – a movie gets made about the coronavirus crisis: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Stephen Colbert asked the actor to pick his preferred role during a recent interview on his Late Show.

“When this is all over, clearly there’s going to be a movie about this. If there are ever movies again, there will be a movie about this,” Colbert said. “Who do you want to play?”

Colbert reminded De Niro that the role of Dr Anthony Fauci has already been taken by Brad Pitt, who played the physician in an at-home episode of Saturday Night Live. Fauci, had previously said he would like Pitt to portray him, went on to praise Pitt's performance.

Colbert then suggested the part of the governor to De Niro, who responded: “Yes, I’ll play Cuomo.”

The actor then praised Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, adding: “He’s doing what a president should do.”

When Colbert asked De Niro whether he could imagine a “President Cuomo” – if the New York governor were to run, which he has so far said he doesn't intend to – De Niro replied affirmatively.

“Though I’m for Biden and I want everything to go well with Biden,” De Niro, a vocal Trump opponent, added.

“But at least we have a person who’s a very capable back-up if you will. Not vice-president, but if something would change, which, God forbid, nothing will change – he’s doing a great job.”

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