Robert Pattinson caught out by Christopher Nolan for lying about Batman screen test

Actor pretended he had to leave the set of ‘Tenet’ for a family emergency

Ellie Harrison
Sunday 09 August 2020 10:07
Batman Begins - trailer

Robert Pattinson tried and failed to keep his Batman role a secret from Christopher Nolan.

The actor was shooting Nolan’s highly-anticipated new film Tenet when he attempted to sneak away from the set for a screen test for The Batman, but Nolan saw straight through his excuse.

“It’s funny because Chris is so secretive about everything to do with his movies,” Pattinson told The Irish Times. “And then I had to be really secretive about Batman stuff. So I had to lie to Chris about having to go for a screen test – I said I had a family emergency.

"And as soon as I said, ‘It’s a family emergency,’ he said, ‘You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?’”

Pattinson was cast as the lead in The Batman in May 2019, reportedly fending off competition from Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer and Nicholas Hoult.

New of his casting was leaked two weeks early, which Pattinson later said made him “f***ing furious”.

Production on The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, was halted in the UK in March, but is expected to resume this September. The film also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and Paul Dano as the villainous Riddler.

Tenet, which has been postponed three times due to coronavirus, is now due to premiere on 26 August. The espionage thriller also stars John David Washington and Elizabeth Debicki.

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