Seth Rogen announces launch of cannabis company Houseplant

Seth Rogen says he’ll fight America’s ‘racist’ policies on cannabis

‘I’m honoured to be associated with weed, honestly,’ Rogen said.

Peony Hirwani@peony_hirwani
Wednesday 28 April 2021 08:15

Seth Rogen says he will do everything in his power to shine a light on America’s racist policies in regards to cannabis.

An ardent supporter of pro-legalisation organisations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, the 39-year-old actor told The New York Times: “We will not shy away from very uncomfortable conversations, and always will do whatever we can to remind people that currently there are people in jail in America for weed, and there are people whose lives are being ruined by weed.”

“I’m honoured to be associated with weed, honestly,” he said.

“Sometimes people expect me to try to wiggle out from under being a very famous stoner, or someone who, in some ways, is more famous for being someone who smokes weed than anything else that they have done. But truthfully, that is a worthy thing to me. I’m as proud of it as anything.” he said.

In another interview with The New York Times Magazine, the Pineapple Express actor’s father said that smoking cannabis personally helped his son with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and Tourette syndrome.

“We had him on a strict diet that helped keep him in balance, but it wasn’t 100 per cent. Marijuana finally made his cells relax.” he said.

Seth Rogen on love of weed

Last month, Rogen took to Twitter to announce the release of his own Cannabis company Houseplant.

“Almost 10 years I go, I envisioned having my own weed company. And today I can say that my company Houseplant’s weed will be available in California next week! Also, Houseplant is making lovely Housegoods like ashtrays, lighters, and YES, even ceramics,” he wrote.

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