Simon Pegg sends Rishi Sunak furious message over plan to make pupils study Maths until age 18

‘He wants a drone army of data-entering robots,’ actor Simon Pegg angrily said in response to the PM’s announced plans

Jacob Stolworthy
Friday 06 January 2023 22:44 GMT
Simon Pegg says ‘f*** the Tories’ in scathing Rishi Sunak criticism

Simon Pegg has shared a furious response to Rishi Sunak’s plan to make pupils study Maths until the age of 18.

The actor, whose credits include Spaced and the Mission: Impossible franchise, couldn’t hide his anger while addressing the subject in a video he shared on Instagram.

“So Rishi Sunak, our unmandated, unelected prime minister twice removed, has decided it should be compulsory for children to learn Maths up until the age of 18 – what a pr***,” he said.

“What about arts and humanities and fostering this country's amazing reputation for creativity and self-expresison?” he asked, adding: “What about that? What about the kids that don't want to do Maths? I hated Maths. I dropped Maths as soon as I could and I’ve never needed it other than the skillset I acquired at the age of 12.”

Pegg continued: “But no. Rishi Sunak wants a f***ing drone army of data-entering robots. F*** the Tories.

“Get rid of them. Please! F*** you, Rishi Sunak, and f*** the Tories.”

Sunak’s plan, which is currently just an ambition, would not be implemented until after the next general election, which the Tories are projected to lose to Labour.

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak (Getty Images)

No 10 says further details will be set out in due course, but that Sunak’s plan is intended to raise UK standards to meet those of similar nations as well as to boost people’s financial literacy.

His plan has been met with criticisn, with education experts and unions calling it unattainable as the chronic shortage of teachers in the subject is “at crisis point”.

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