Spider-Man: Thousands of fans pledge to ‘storm’ Sony headquarters over Disney feud

The Facebook event follows an aborted attempt to ‘raid’ Area 51 in July

Adam White@__adamwhite
Thursday 22 August 2019 09:16
Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

Over 6,000 Spider-Man fans have pledged to “storm” Sony headquarters in protest over the character’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Facebook event page has been set up detailing plans to “storm” two Sony buildings over the Spider-Man controversy. It is likely inspired by the failed viral plot to “raid” Area 51 in July, in which millions of people pledged on Facebook to collectively break into the site to find evidence of aliens.

It was announced this week that Spider-Man will no longer appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following a contractual tug-of-war between Disney and Sony.

“We storm Sony Pictures in solidarity dressed in Spider-Man costumes and bring our boy home,” the event’s description reads. “This is a peaceful demonstration and violence will not be tolerated.”

The event has additionally posted the addresses of two Sony offices: one on Madison Avenue in New York City, and one in “Calofornia” [sic].

6,200 people have so far pledged to attend, while another 4,800 people have declared they are “interested”.

A Change.org petition, currently signed by 66,000 people, has also pledged a boycott of all future Spider-Man films unless Sony “lets go of the property or renegotiates with Disney to keep all the fans happy”.

“I cannot in good faith stand by while Spider-Man and his fans around the world become collateral damage,” the petition reads. “Spider-Man in the MCU has brought some of the best moments in modern cinema history… Please join me in standing against Sony who I’ll be boycotting until this matter is properly resolved.”

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