Spider-Man's Tom Holland rescues fan suffering panic attack as autograph hunters push in

The actor has been praised for his quick-thinking after adult autograph hunters ‘pushed’ their way through a crowd of young fans

Adam White@__adamwhite
Tuesday 25 June 2019 14:54
Tom Holland rescues fan from being 'crushed' during Spider-Man event

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been praised on social media for helping a young fan to safety after she experienced a panic attack while waiting outside of a New York television studio.

In a video captured by the girl in question – who goes by the Twitter handle @NamelessCass – Holland is seen warning adult male autograph hunters who appear to have pushed their way to the front of a row of fans. “I’m gonna throw all your s*** on the floor if you keep pushing that girl,” Holland says.

In a series of tweets, the girl said that a large group of adult men rapidly shoved their way to the front of the crowd to interact with Holland as he exited the building, “pushing and basically climbing behind us”, and that her “neck was literally against the barricade with 30 grown men behind me pushing”.

The fan said that Holland saw that she was beginning to panic and held the barricade up to prevent it collapsing. She also posted an image of posters and glossy photographs that she claimed belonged to the autograph hunters and which Holland threw on the ground.

“My dumbass didn’t even get a pic but… [Holland] calmed me down cause I was legitimately shaking and [he] risked it all for me, so I’m happy,” she wrote.

Fans have taken to Twitter to heap praise on the Spider-Man actor for his actions. “Hats off to Tom for being so compassionate,” one person wrote, with others joking that the encounter will inevitably be turned into a romantic story on the fan-fiction site Wattpad within hours. “Bro, he really is Spider-Man,” one user joked.

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