Star Wars script reveals how Darth Vader plot twist was kept secret even from actors

Script belonging to Darth Vader star is set to be sold at auction next month

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 21 April 2021 08:48
Darth Vader's entrance in Star Wars

An original script for Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back belonging to Darth Vader actor David Prowse is set to be auctioned.

The script reveals how producers managed to keep the film’s famous twist – the revelation that Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father – secret even from its stars.

Prowse died in November at the age of 85. While he provided the character’s physical performance, Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones.

In the film’s climactic moment, Vader tells Luke (played by Mark Hamill): “I am your father”.

However, Prowse’s script has Vader say: “Luke, we will be the most powerful in the galaxy. You will have everything you could ever want... do not resist... it is our destiny.”

The script is being auctioned by East Bristol Auctions. The organisation’s auctioneer, Andy Stowe, explained the misdirect in the script to CNN.

“The only people that knew I think were about three or four members of the cast,” he said.

An example page of the Darth Vader script being sold at auction next month

The script, which is marked with the word “Vader” at the top of every page, is expected to be sold for between £2,500 and £4,000.

Other Star Wars memorabilia items are also being featured in the auction, which will take place on 4 May, known internationally as Star Wars Day.

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