Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie details Harley Quinn's 'nuts' relationship with the Joker

'She's codependent with the Joker'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 07 June 2016 08:34

Despite Suicide Squad not being out yet, fans are already prepared for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to be the film’s standout; her wicked sense of humour seen in the trailers led to the DC villain becoming the most sought after Halloween costume last year.

When introduced in Batman: The Animated, Quinn was the Joker’s accomplice, the two sharing a strange and twisted relationship - one that looks set to feature in the upcoming film.

"Harley's story is about her relationships - not just with [Joker], but finding herself and her independence,” Robbie told Total Film.

"Their relationship is nuts. She's codependent with the Joker, and when you see that, you start seeing it as a mental illness.”

In the same feature, Jared Leto spoke about his character, describing the Joker as being “the only villain who may be more infamous is the devil.”

He continued: "The joker is an icon, a legend, the badest of the bad and seems to be having the most fun. Hard not to be a fan of that.”

New posters for the villainous film were recently released, giving a closer look at the team, including Will Smith’s Deadshot. Suicide Squad reaches cinemas 5 August.

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