Suicide Squad: New footage emphasises the film's humorous side

'That's gangster'

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 15 June 2016 13:43

After the release of Batman v Superman, rumours began to circulate around the blogosphere that Suicide Squad was being reshot to ‘add more humour’.

Thanks to the middling reception the aforementioned DC film received, it was speculated that Warner Bros were worried about the quality of the film.

However, not long after the reports made international headlines, director David Ayer said the “reshoots for humour” rumours were “silly” and they actually intended to add more action.

While the past trailers for the film have played up the film’s humour, these new TV spots once again pushing the film’s funny side, Will Smith’s dry humour taking centre stage.

The film was recently rated PG-13, much to the disappointment of some fans hoping it would follow in Deadpool’s footsteps and be R-Rated.

In a recent interview, Margot Robbie detailed Harley Quinn’s relationship with the joker, calling it “nuts”. Warner Bros are apparently also considering two spin-offs from the film.

Suicide Squad hits cinemas 5 August.

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