Sylvester Stallone sues Warner Bros. over Demolition Man profits

The Rambo actor claims he is owed at least $125 million

Megan Williams
Thursday 13 April 2017 14:40

Sylvester Stallone has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for failing to pay him correctly for his role in 1993 science-fiction film Demolition Man.

The actor starred as a police officer who is cryogenically frozen alongside on-screen criminal, Wesley Snipes, then subsequently brought back to life in the year 2032 when crime no longer exists.

According to a lawsuit seen by The Hollywood Reporter, the Rocky star was entitled to at least 15% of profits, which he claims was over $125 million.

The report states that Stallone’s representatives first approached Warner Bros. about owed money in 2014, however the studio told them that the film had lost $66.9 million, and therefore owed him nothing. Warner Bros. then sent a payment of $2.8 million to Stallone the following year.

The lawsuit criticised film studios for being “notoriously greedy,” stating that Warner Bros. in particular “involves outright and obviously intentional dishonesty perpetrated against an international iconic talent.”

Stallone has just been confirmed for the third instalment in the Escape Plan franchise, reprising his role as Ray Breslin.

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