Tom Hardy’s Legend film snuck a 2-star review onto its poster, made it look like 5

'Its so f*cking clever, I'm not even mad about the deception'

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 09 September 2015 08:29 BST

There are a few tricks film marketers will use to shroud bad reviews on posters - taking single words out of context, putting 5-star reviews from disreputable publications in small font - but this one is particularly shocking/ingenious.

The Guardian gave Kray twins crime drama Legend two stars in its review, but they were placed in such a way as to look like the other three were hidden behind Tom Hardy’s head.

Reviewer Benjamin Lee confirmed as much on Twitter:

“Incredible way of making my two star review seem like I didn't hate the film,” he wrote.

While deceitful, many were simply amazed by the cunningness of the layout.

“Its so f*cking clever, I'm not even mad about the deception,” one Reddit user wrote.

Chris Morris’ Four Lions movie previously decided to just send up the marketing method with this poster:

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