Toy Story 4: Pixar fans confused as Bo Peep actor seemingly reveals Woody and Buzz spoiler

Annie Potts was asked a question about a 'love triangle' that doesn't exist

Jacob Stolworthy
Saturday 16 February 2019 15:09
New Toy Story 4 clip unveiled on GMA

Toy Story fans have been left confused after an interview with the actor who voices Bo Peep found its way online.

Annie Potts was being interviewed on Good Morning America when presenter George Stephanopoulos asked her whether the Pixar series’s forthcoming installment will see her character choose between Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen).

“When we last saw Bo Peep, she was trying to choose between Woody and Buzz. Caught in a little bit of a love triangle. Does she choose?” Stephanopoulos asked, to which Potts replied: “I think she’s made a choice now. I can only reveal so much.”

However, fans were quick to point out that there has never been a love triangle in Toy Story – Bo Peep’s love interest has always been Woody, while Buzz’s is coupled up with Jesse (Joan Cusack).

This is leading some people to speculate that there has maybe been trouble in paradise for Woody and Bo Peep since we last saw them.

Adding fuel to this theory is the fact that a clip from the new film is a flashback – could the film also feature a flashback showing that Woody and Buzz clashed over Bo Peep?

Still, another reason for Potts’s answer could be that she’s never seen the films or that she was merely caught off guard by Stephanopoulos’ poorly researched question and was trying to sweep the moment under the rug.

But, it certainly seems a strange reply considering Bo Peep and Buzz have never been love interests. Twitter users were united in their confusion.

Toy Story 4 will be released in UK cinemas on 21 June.

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