Universal made a Jaws 19 trailer in honour of Back to the Future day

Sequel was playing in Back to the Future Part II's 2015

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 06 October 2015 10:28 BST

Planet Earth catches up with the day Marty McFly travelled forward to in Back to the Future Part II on 21 October, 2015, and all the brands depicted in the movie are pitching in to celebrate.

Universal today posted a teaser trailer for Jaws 19, a movie that was showing at the Holomax Theatre in Hill Valley during BTTF’s 2015 (though is pretty unlikely to make it as far as cinemas in real life).

The teaser mocks Hollywood’s fondness for sequels, giving a recap of others fictional Jaws movies like Jaws 14, ‘a new era in terror’ and Jaws 5 which was made just for the money.

Pepsi also got in on the anniversary this week, releasing a limited edition run of Pepsi Perfect, the soda everyone was drinking on their hoverboards.

I’m sure plenty more cash-ins are still to come as 21 October looms, and the world looks back on how correct BTTF’s vision of the date was.

Watch the original Jaws 19 clip from Back to the Future Part II below:

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