Black Panther 2: X-Men could arrive in sequel with Wolverine tease

'Plans' are reportedly underway

Jacob Stolworthy
Sunday 07 June 2020 13:00
Black Panther - trailer

As Marvel fans wait patiently for news about the X-Men‘s arrival in the MCU, a new report claims to know which film they’ll first appear in.

There has been plenty of speculation about the mutants’ arrival in the film series ever since studio president Kevin Feige announced plans in July 2019, but there has been no official details since then.

While it’s clear the MCU has been lining up their possible arrival as early as 2011 film Thor: The Dark World, exactly how bosses plan to do this remains unknown.

Now, according to trusted sources at We Got This Covered, Wolverine may not only become one of the MCU’s two central heroes – alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – but there are plans to have him show up in some form during Black Panther 2.

How could this happen? It seems that Wolverine’s ties to Adamantium, the Vibranium-associated alloy his claws are made out from, could be what brings him to Wakanda.

One theory suggests that we’ll meet Wolverine early on in his mutant days as he searches for the meaning behind his creation. It could be that Shuri (Letitia Wright) explains the science behind his origins to him.

There have been numerous rumours surrounding the X-Men’s arrival in the MCU.

One report suggested their induction could clash with the return of the Avengers in a film that would not be released until Phase Six, which is expected to begin in the mid-2020s.

Other reports predicted Wolverine will appear as early as Phase 5.

It looks like plans to execute their induction is underway, though. A recent leaked image from the set of Disney+ TV show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured an emblem of a location integral to the X-Men comic books: the flag of Madripoor.

Either way, it seems likely his introduction will take place in a post-credits scene – and it now seems like the good money is on that being the one tacked onto Black Panther 2, which is scheduled to be released on 6 May 2022.


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