Zoolander 2 trailer leaks online and it's really, really, ridiculously good looking

Is that a Blue Steel or Le Tigre?

Jack Shepherd
Monday 03 August 2015 10:12
Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander in the leaked trailer for Zoolander 2
Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander in the leaked trailer for Zoolander 2

Sequels are so hot right now. Tom Cruise has been talking about Top Gun 2, there’s definitely going to be a Jurassic World 2, Star Wars 7 is almost here - even Paul Blart: Mall Cop got a sequel (and it just happens to be Sony’s highest grossing movie of the year so far).

However, there’s one sequel more anticipated than any other: Zoolander 2, or possibly 2oolander, we're not sure yet.

The Ben Stiller featuring comedy attracted a huge cult following, much like Anchorman, and we’ve now got our first taste of what’s to come with this leaked teaser trailer.

There’s no action, just one Derek Zoolander looking really, really, ridiculously good looking while a robotic voice describes the beginning of man.

There are a tonne of references to the original – just to remind you how great it is – followed by Derek asking: “If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?” while relax starts to play in the background. There's also a lot of 'blue steel'.

Watch it below and get very, very excited for when the movie comes out February 2016.


Justin Theroux will co-write and direct while Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson are 'all-but-confirmed' to return as the nefarious Mugatu and hippe model Hansel.

Penelope Cruz, Jonah Hill and Cara Delevigne have all previously been rumoured to be in talks for the film.

Zoolander, which featured a cameo from David Bowie, only grossed $60 million at the box office worldwide, but became a favourite on DVD.

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