Oscars 2015: Polish movie Ida wins Best Foreign Film, Pawel Pawlikowski played off twice

Black and white film tells of woman preparing to become a nun

Andrew Buncombe@AndrewBuncombe
Monday 23 February 2015 03:26
Pawel Pawlikowski's Ida won best foreign film
Pawel Pawlikowski's Ida won best foreign film

Pawel Pawlikowski spent much of his time living and working in London and was perhaps best known in the West as the man who directed Emily Blunt’s debut film My Summer of Love.

But last year's film Ida will now be what Pawlikowski is celebrated for - an eighty minute movie set in the 1960s and focusing on the travails of a young woman preparing to become a nun.

The film shows Anna, coming into contact with experiences outside her sheltered world, and embarking on a journey that leads her to question her own sense identity.

"Thank you, thank you," said a grinning Pawlikowski, 57, as he accepted the award, speaking so long that he had to be played off the stage twice.

"And to my Polish friends who are in front of the TV. The crew who were in the trenches with us and who are totally drunk now. And you are fantastic, you are brilliant. You carried me through this film, and you are what I love about Poland: resilient, courageous, brave and funny. And you can take a drink.'

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