DVD: Merlin: Series 4 (12)


Ben Walsh
Friday 27 January 2012 01:00

"We shan't go to Camelot, 'tis a silly place," as Monty Python pointed out, and the BBC's sword-and-sorcery drama is pretty silly. It's also, however, enormous fun.

The success of this mythical hokum rests largely on the love story between Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Prince Arthur (Bradley James) – Guinevere barely gets a look in as the heroes make eyes at each other. Katie McGrath is suitably hammy as the wicked Morgana and Richard Wilson holds the show together as Merlin's mentor, Gaius. It's a pity John Hurt's dragon has little to do, but the addition of more knights and murkier tales makes up for the loss.

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