DVD: The Princess and the Frog (U)

Ben Walsh
Sunday 23 October 2011 08:57

"You can do anything you set your heart to," Tiana's papa tells her when she's a little girl. So, years later, Tiana sets about fulfilling her late father's dream of running a restaurant in New Orleans.

However, she doesn't have quite enough dough, despite all her long hours waiting tables. So she resorts to kissing a frog – claiming to be a prince – to help her fortunes. The kiss turns her into a frog too. Typical. Of course, the frogs – he's feckless, she's diligent – fall in love. Disney's old-fashioned animation is very winning, featuring African-American lead characters, a cute Randy Newman soundtrack, a droll trumpet-fixated alligator and a suitably creepy villain, Dr Facilier (Keith David).

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