Heartbreaker (15)

Reviewed,Anthony Quinn
Sunday 23 October 2011 00:20

They flipped for this romantic comedy in its native France, but I'm not sure it will tweak as many funny bones over here. (They also loved time-travel farce Les Visiteurs, remember).

Romain Duris plays professional seducer Alex, hired by distraught families to break up unsuitable couples, the gimmick being that he's so outrageously adorable to women that the incumbent boyfriend doesn't stand a chance. Hmm. His latest job involves prising super-rich heiress Vanessa Paradis from the embrace of her fiancé (Andrew Lincoln at his drippiest), in the course of which... The obviousness of the twist is offset by some genuine chemistry between the leads, and one scene – a late-night recreation of the Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey pas de deux from Dirty Dancing – is oddly moving. For the most part, though, it's way too broad, and its tacit assumption that the heroine is too stupid to twig she's been played is fairly monstrous. Perhaps you just have to be French.

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