Honey 2 (PG)

Starring: Katerina Graham, Audrina Patridge, Seychelle Gabriel

Reviewed,Anthony Quinn
Friday 10 June 2011 00:00 BST

The film-makers couldn't get Jessica Alba to reprise the title role for this sequel, but they have more or less reproduced the original in every other particular.

Katerina Graham plays teenage tearaway Maria, just out of juvenile prison, where her last moments were spent in a full-blown dance-off with a rival troupe: has such a thing happened in a prison, anywhere, ever? Essentially, it's another tale of terpsichorean aspiration in which the heroine rebuffs the bad influences of old, joins a new dance crew and enters a big-money competition so as to pay off her grandmother's medical expenses. If the plotting, acting or characterisation were a tenth as good as the dancing the film would be a serious proposition. Alas, its low IQ dialogue and limp reaction shots merely fill in the gaps between the next round of dancefloor set-pieces.

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