Predators (15)

Reviewed,Anthony Quinn
Sunday 23 October 2011 05:10

Arnie battled with this extraterrestrial lot – invisibility-cloaked, infra-red equipped, ugly as hell – way back in 1987, and their recent duelling with Aliens suggests they're not going away.

Here, a rainbow coalition of strangers have crashlanded on a planet with no idea of how they got there, but two salient features unite them: they are all hardened criminals, and they are all prey, for the planet turns out to be a game preserve. Yikes! Adrien Brody leads them through a jungly inferno, while the Predators pick them off one by one. The usual dilemma of group- in-peril thrillers predominates: should it be "together we fall", or "me first"? Both options are tested amid the so-so drama.

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