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Seth Rogen’s family say smoking cannabis cured his ADHD

‘Marijuana finally made his cells relax,’ claims actor’s father

Peony Hirwani
Wednesday 21 April 2021 06:47 BST

Seth Rogen gives his thoughts on cannabis

Seth Rogen’s father said that smoking cannabis helped his son with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and Tourette syndrome.

In an interview with The New York Times Magazine published on Tuesday to mark 4/20 – 20 April – when cannabis-oriented celebrations take place annually, Mark Rogen said: “We had him on a strict diet that helped keep him in balance, but it wasn’t 100 per cent. Marijuana finally made his cells relax.”

The filmstar’s mother, Sandy Rogen, said: “I knew when he was four that he would not be able to sit in school. We took him off dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast – everything good. But he was still in trouble at school, finding it hard to sit still.”

The 39-year-old Canadian-American actor said himself: “It’s just a tool we use to make our experience more palatable, and some people need those tools a lot more than others.”

He compared his cannabis habit to wearing shoes and conceded that he smokes it “all day”.

“For me, it’s like shoes. For you, it might be like sunglasses. Not everyone’s the same. If someone doesn’t need to smoke weed? Great. It’s the same as someone telling me they don’t wear glasses,” he said.

“Mazel tov! You don’t wear glasses. I do!”

The Neighbors actor has long been fond of the drug, and his own cannabis line, “Houseplant”, is launching in California, where it is legal for both medical and recreational use.

Last month, Rogen took to Twitter to announce: “Almost ten years I go, I envisioned having my own weed company. And today I can say that my company Houseplant’s weed will be available in California next week! Also, Houseplantis making lovely Housegoods like ashtrays, lighters, and YES, even ceramics.”

The Pineapple Express star is a huge ceramics fan. His Instagram profile is filled with different vases, ashtrays and jars he makes on a daily basis.

In one of the posts, Rogen showed the entire process of how he makes an ashtray. He wrote: “How I Make An Ashtray - Here’s how I made the prototype for what became the Ashtray Set by Seth. The one you can get from Houseplant on Thursday is based off of this design! This video was filmed in my garage!”

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