Star Wars: Episode VIII: Here’s who Rey might be fighting while she trains with Luke Skywalker

The film hits theaters December 17, 2017

Justin Carissimo
New York
Thursday 22 December 2016 22:04

There are new rumors surrounding the events in Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VlII. According to Making Star Wars, the production crew has been filming scenes on the Irish island of Skellig Michael—aka Ahch-To—where Rey finds Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens.

Apparently, we'll be introduced to little native, puffin-like creatures with razor-sharp teeth who have welcomed Luke to their island. Unfortunately for Rey, she doesn’t share the same connection to the pint-sized creatures that the Jedi master does. Sources described the 15-inch tall natives as birds mixed with Gremlins or even as the Star Wars equivalent to Furby.

Still, despite these creepy and somewhat cute descriptions, Rey might find herself fighting for their approval by facing off with a giant sea creature. In turn, she can train with Luke and live in their environment. The rumors aren’t too farfetched as Johnson’s film could be taking cues from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, in which Luke takes on the elements in Dagobah while he trains with Yoda.

Star Wars: Episode VlII hits theaters December 17, 2017.