Whatismymovie? Website uses intelligent search technology to find films

The technology analyses video streams in real time to identify more than one thousand concepts

Roisin O'Connor
Thursday 17 March 2016 15:23

A website developed by a Finnish technology team claims to be the world's "first ever descriptive movie search engine", and promises to solve that problem we all face when we can't remember the name of a film.

Valossa, based at the University of Oulu in Finland, received $650k from investors to create whatismymovie.com, a descriptive search engine for video which enables "natural, verbose and flexible querying” for voice-controlled movie services and entertainment platforms, in a similar way to what Shazam does for music.

The technology analyses video streams in real time to identify more than one thousand concepts (place, objects, people etc.) from any video stream, which enables automated scene descriptive metadata creation.

The video files themselves are read through a combination of natural language processing and pattern recognition AI. Just type in a search term on the website and it should come up with several suggestions.

Example queries included:

A screenshot from the website Whatismymovie.com

Valossa Smart Search also says it can identify conditional and chained voice commands, which isn’t currently possible with Apple’s Siri and other voice-powered search assistants.

For instance if you try:

Find me epic history movies’


Only the ones with large battles

It should come up with several suggestions.

The site currently contains data on more than 45,000 English language films. While it is still only in development stage, test searches from The Independent team proved successful - with much of the fun found in attempts to try and catch the website out.

Incidentally, Sean Connery in red pants yielded 30 results.

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