Trailer released for PS5 horror game based on Seinfeld

Seinfeld: Trailer released for bizarre PS5 horror game inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s hit sitcom

Peculiar game features 3D recreations of famous Seinfeld sets

Louis Chilton
Monday 05 April 2021 16:14

A trailer has been released for a new horror video game inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s hit 1990s sitcom Seinfeld.

Entitled Sinfeld Remastered, the game is being developed by Indie studio Rare Bird Games, and features a host of references to some of the show’s most famous jokes.

It originated as a fan project on the PlayStation’s game creation platform Dreams, but is now being made into a standalone PS5 game.

The original Dreams version of the game gave players the ability to explore three-dimensional reconstructions of Seinfeld locations, including Jerry and Kramer’s apartments.

As revealed in the bizarre announcement trailer, the updated version of the game would include references to various other game franchises, including Metal Gear Solid, Spider-Man and Resident Evil.

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The trailer, which features a disorienting mix of pop culture references and horror tropes, was shared by the developers in a post which read: “Some of you have been asking ‘What’s the deal with this Seinfeld-horror game?’

“This is not a drill. We are in full on production. We’re just a rag-tag group of indie developers and would love it if you could help us overachieve the dream.”

Funds for the game’s production are currently being raised on the fundraising site Patreon.

In the UK, Seinfeld is currently available to stream on All 4, and is scheduled to arrive on Netflix later this year.

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