Hamish Mackie: a life in the field

Gareth Vipers
Friday 08 October 2010 17:03 BST

Sparring bull elephants, leaping impala, graceful leopards and black rhinos will be released into the Cork Street Gallery, London, on 11 October by Hamish Mackie, one of Britain’s top wildlife sculptors.

His first solo exhibition for three years, this exhibition will aim to show the potenital of sculpture and its ability to capture the movement, energy and character of a variety of species.

The exhibition is affiliated with the Tusk Trust and Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a vast sanctuary for endangered species where the artist spent time studying and recreating the animals around him.

Mackie has always immersed himself in the natural environment, getting up close and personal to his subjects; whether he is standing a matter of yards away from a herd of elephant or studying the carcass of a wild boar in his studio, he manages to truly capture the essence of his subjects in a way which only sculpting from life allows.

"Having spent so much time studying wildlife in its natural environment, I’ve developed a true understanding of animal behaviour", says Mackie.

"A recent poaching incident which resulted in the death of two black rhinos at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has acted as a painful reminder that the threats against wildlife are rife, and that continued investment in global wildlife conservation is essential. I hope my involvement with Lewa UK and my associated works will help to bring this fact to light."

Click here or on the image to view some of Mackie's unique works, as well as pictures of him gathering inspiration for his collection at the Lew Wildlife Conservancy.

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