Jim Carrey opens up about his battle against depression

'At this point, I don't have depression. There is not an experience of depression'

Clarisse Loughrey
Thursday 23 November 2017 16:12 GMT

Jim Carrey has opened up about his own experiences with depression - and how those experiences have changed over the years.

Describing himself as "sometimes happy", the actor/comedian told the i, "At this point, I don't have depression. There is not an experience of depression. I had that for years, but now, when the rain comes, it rains, but it doesn't stay. It doesn't stay long enough to immerse me and drown me anymore."

Carrey has undergone a well-publicised period of immense personal stress of late, currently locked in a lawsuit with the mother and estranged husband of his late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, over claims he supplied the prescription drugs she took before committing suicide in 2015.

Though he did not directly reference the matter, he reflected more generally on his life experiences, stating: "What’s happening is really good, but there is some really bad in there too. Some people have come at me in the last couple of years with the intent of breaking off a piece of the Holy Grail for themselves, but the Grail isn’t a thing that you can break off."

"I’m perfectly fine with everything that has happened, even the horrible sh*t you know, in life and in art. There is a lot of satisfaction about looking back at those things."

Carrey was discussing the release of Netflix's new doc Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - The Story of Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman Featuring a Very Special Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton, consisting of footage captured during the making of Man on the Moon, a biopic of legendary comedian Andy Kaufman.

All kept quietly hidden until now by Universal, the studio behind the film, who were concerned the footage's release would make people think the star was an asshole - he stayed in character the entire time, recreating the bizarre antics of Kaufman both on and off the screen.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is available on Netflix now.

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