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3TEETH - <shutdown.exe>: Exclusive Album Stream

Los-Angeles industrial quartet return with their critically acclaimed sophomore album, available to stream two days before official release exclusively with The Independent

Remfry Dedman
Wednesday 17 May 2017 10:28 BST
3Teeth, from left to right, Andrew Means
3Teeth, from left to right, Andrew Means

Sounding like the warped, twisted love-child of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, 3TEETH harken back to an era where industrial music sounded like a genuinely dangerous soundtrack to a dystopian present day reality. Their second album, <shutdown.exe> is released through OMF Records on Friday 19th May, but you can hear it two days before its official release below, exclusively with The Independent.

The LA industrial quartet hold a mirror up to the ugly apocalyptic chaos of society and reflect the nastier aspects of human nature – greed, lust, oppression, violence. The visual flair of the band is a vital component and provides a cohesive complement to their catastrophic maelstrom of propulsive beats, crushing riffs and future-noir synths. Acting as a completely self-contained unit allows the quartet to realise their aesthetic without compromising their vision.

3TEETH have picked up a lot of support and acknowledgements from some of the most distinct, well-respected bands in recent memory. Work finishing the follow-up to their self-titled 2014 debut album stalled in December 2015 when Tool guitarist Adam Jones hand-picked them as support for various dates across their 2016 US tour alongside funk rock experi-mentalists Primus. Jones described 3TEETH as a mix between Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein, something the latter band might have picked up on, as the Neue Deutsche Härte band have also singled out the band to play support to them for the German industrialists’s only two US shows of 2017.

Whilst the album is self-produced by the band, they called in industrial legend Sean Beavan to mix <shutdown.exe>, an extremely astute decision considering Beavan is responsible for the apoplectic sound heard on classics such as Nine Inch Nails’s The Downward Spiral and Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar, as well as more contemporary records from Shining (2010’s Blackjazz) and A Perfect Circle (the 2013 live box-set Stone and Echo). Capturing the authentic savage, un-diluted sound of 90’s industrial is a difficult task, but alongside Beaven and mastering engineer Howie Wienberg (Deftones, Nirvana, Pantera, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden) the band have captured the murderous vicious tone needed admirably.

Of the album’s overarching themes, vocalist Alexis Mincolla says, ‘<shutdown.exe> is an album that is conceptually centered around the idea of hacking your own consciousness with the aims of executing some type of shutdown on consensus based reality tunnels. A reality tunnel is a way to describe the generally agreed-upon perspectives of what is considered real. The idea does not necessarily imply that there is no objective truth; but rather that our access to it is mediated through our senses, experience, conditioning, prior beliefs, and other non-objective factors. It's something we typically learn our way into as we get older and children are considered to be much less experienced with these reality tunnels and as a result are typically more creative and less prejudiced than your average adult.

'I personally think it would be advantageous for us all to attempt to shutdown our own reality tunnels, largely because I feel we all tend to get too caught up in our own s**t and lose sight of the bigger picture of what the human experience could be. It would probably do us all some good to uninstall, re-evaluate, update and freshly install a new operating system on a more consistent basis because it seems every kind of ignorance results from people not realizing that our perceptions are all gambles. The 13 songs on the album deal with themes such neuro-linguistic programming, cybernetics, hypnosis, biofeedback devices, meditation, controlled use of hallucinogens and other methods of forcing ourselves out of these reality tunnels and the psychic oppression that tends to come with them.’

<shutdown.exe>, the second album by 3TEETH is available to pre-order on Vinyl, CD and digitally through OMF Records

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