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Cultural Life: Devlin, musician

Charlotte Cripps
Sunday 23 October 2011 03:24

Music: Pretty much the same music I've always listened to. I'm a bit of an old soul. I'll put on some Bruce Springsteen, the debut album by Wu-Tang Clan 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' is a classic. Maybe some Big Pun (short for Big Punisher, a Puerto Rican rapper who died of a heart attack at the age of 28) or Nas. I like U2 and Whitney Houston (below). I could go on and on. I appreciate all kinds of music. As long as it's written well and the music is respectful, I can enjoy pretty much any genre.

Films: I enjoyed watching the horror thriller 'Devil' on DVD. It is about a group of people stuck in a lift but one of them is the devil. It's a good film with a nice twist. I enjoy films like that.

Television: I'm a big fan of the Discovery Channel. There's always something interesting on there. I like to watch programmes about how old crimes were solved on the History channel as well.

Theatre: I think the last time I went to the theatre was back in my school days although I did perform one of my songs, "London City", in a show at the Theatre Royal Stratford East called 'Re: Definition' in July last year. That was pretty surreal. It explored all different aspects of music and East London's past, present and future. My boy Ghetts played too.

Comedy: I'm really into Frankie Boyle at the moment. A lot of people might find his jokes shocking and extreme but above everything, he's one funny guy. That's got to be the most important thing for a comedian. I've watched a few of his shows on DVD, including 'If I Could Reach Out Through Your TV and Strangle You, I Would' and 'Frankie Boyle Live: Tramadol Nights', but I hope to get a chance to see him live soon.

Devlin is on tour until 1 June ( His album 'Bud, Sweat and Beers' is out now

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