Fantasy band: Cate Le Bon

'Toko Yasuda has the voice of a beautiful ghost'

Gillian Orr
Friday 08 November 2013 20:00 GMT
Cate Le Bon: 'Toko Yasuda has the voice of a beautiful ghost'
Cate Le Bon: 'Toko Yasuda has the voice of a beautiful ghost'

Drums: Stella Mozgawa

Warpaint's drummer dances across the kit like a slinky ballerina and plays with all the enthusiasm of a child who's drunk too much pop. She drums as solidly as they come but with a groove that gives unique life to everything she touches.

Bass: Tim Koh

Tim Koh plays in Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. He plays with the sensibility of a guitarist, in that he is not just a vehicle for the melodic weaving of the songs but is a principal player.

Synth: Euros Childs

He is a genius and should not be contained by playing synth in a band, but cast that aside. Some of his albums are dotted with incredible synth sounds. It would be a shame to waste his pipes, though, so let's have him on backing vocals.

Vocals: Toko Yasuda

She has the voice of a beautiful, icy ghost; it might be the spookiest thing I've ever heard. Her solo project, Plvs Vltra, is audio assemblage at its best but she slips into song every now and again it gives me goose bumps for real.

Guitar: White Fence

White Fence (or Tim Presley) plays guitar as if it has been carved from his bones. With his guitar held so high it is almost scraping his chin, he darts between microphone and amp, and I am 16 again, in awe.

Cate Le Bon's new single “Are You With Me Now?” is out on Monday. Her album 'Mug Museum' is released on 11 November. She plays London's Bush Hall in 27 November.

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