Fantasy band: Tom Odell

'Every band needs a vibe guy to bring up the energy'

Gillian Orr
Thursday 19 September 2013 17:47
Tom Odell: 'Every band needs a vibe guy to bring up the energy'
Tom Odell: 'Every band needs a vibe guy to bring up the energy'

Bass: John Paul Jones

The Led Zeppelin legend and arguably one of the best bass players in the world. My band and I met him at a festival recently and he ended up watching us side of stage, much to the discomfort of my bass player, Max.

Drums: Dennis Wilson

The late, great drummer from the Beach Boys. I recently saw a documentary about his life and it was fascinating. He was a maverick and a brilliant musician who doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

Vocals: Lou Reed

Goes without saying, the coolest guy ever. He would bring an edge to this band –think Transformer era. And I have a feeling him and Dennis might not get along, which is cool because every great band needs their divisions.

Piano: Robert Schumann

He would keep the rest of the guys on their toes and mix things up a bit. He was a romantic composer from the 19th century and from what I've heard, he was a virtuoso piano player.

Maracas (and vibes): Bez

Every band needs a vibe guy, someone to bring up the energy when Schumann is destroying the crowd's enthusiasm with a 20-minute piano solo. And who better than Bez?

Guitar: Robbie Robertson

I think we'd need Robbie from The Band to kinda hold the guys together. Yes, he likes to party once in a while, but we'd need an anchor man just to keep these lunatics on track.

Tom Odell's new single “Grow Old With Me” is out now. His UK tour begins 11 October

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