My Fantasy Band: Brace Paine, Gossip

Friday 11 September 2009 00:00 BST

Vocals - Ari Up
She was the lead vocalist of The Slits and she has such an incredible, weird voice. She's amazing and always does a good job.

Guitar - Thurston Moore
I think Sonic Youth's guitarist is one of the greatest guitar players. He always does something really punk and interesting.

Bass - Peter Hook
He's the master of the hook! I'm a massive fan of Joy Division and New Order, and what's most interesting is how they went from Joy Division to New Order; it's such a great way to grow. To go from goth to an electro band, and to be so continually good, is astounding.

Drums - Budgie
Budgie played with the Slits and on a bunch of stuff with Siouxsie Sioux. He played in lots of great bands. He's super tight and is a true drummer in the sense that he's just there for the beat. He doesn't show off. There's nothing worse than a drummer who shows off – it just gets in the way.

Bongos - Yoko Ono
I once saw a video where John Lennon is playing with Chuck Berry and Yoko Ono is on the bongos. She suddenly grabs the microphone and starts screeching into it and Berry gets freaked out. It's some incredible footage.

interview by Gillian Orr

Gossip's new single "Love Long Distance" is released on 13 September. Their album 'Music for Men' is out now

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