My Fantasy Band: Frederick Macpherson, Spector


Gillian Orr
Thursday 12 July 2012 12:27

Vocals: Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean's more than just the man of the moment. He's one of those artists you just know is still going to be around in 30 years. I was dumbfounded watching him at Coachella in April, and now he's made the most interesting and heartfelt record of 2012 so far. His tumblr post about love and sexuality is also one the most moving and inspirational things I've read this century.

Synth: John Carpenter

John Carpenter and Frank would really click in the studio. He did the soundtrack to Assault on Precinct 13 in three days with no money, and Escape from New York is a proto-electro classic.

Guitar: Blixa Bargeld

The '83-'03 line-up of the Bad Seeds was the best because of Blixa. There's an interview with Nick Cave where he talks about seeing Bargeld for the first time and having his mind blown by "sounds you would expect to hear from strangled cats or dying children."

Bass: Cavan 'The Kid' McCarthy

The Kid's about 12-years-old and in a band called Swim Deep. He's only been playing bass for a couple of months, but he's already the coolest member of one of the best new bands in the country.

Drums: Jack White

Jack White would be too big an ego to put behind the guitar in this band, but he's actually an amazing drummer. I hate words like "groove" and "vibe" so I think I'll describe his style as "sassy". Ever since I heard it on The Great Gatsby trailer, I listen to his cover of U2's "Love Is Blindness" daily, just for the drums.

Spector's new single 'Never Fade Away' is out on 6 August. Their debut album, 'Enjoy It While It Lasts', is released on 13 August on LuvLuvLuv/Fiction

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