My Fantasy Band: Lykke Li

Gillian Orr
Friday 25 February 2011 01:00

Vocals - Hope Sandoval

She was the singer for Mazzy Star. I love that band and her voice was so special. It just totally breaks my heart. She still has projects on now and she's still a singer but the stuff she did with Mazzy Star was the best. Some of their songs are totally perfect.

Guitar - Lee Hazlewood

I know he wasn't really known for playing guitar but he was really incredible and I'd love to see him. He wrote so many great songs, his output was insane really. His work with Nancy Sinatra was really great; really well known stuff like 'These Boots Are Made for Walking'.

Guitar - Les Paul

I don't know why I want him, it's hard to say or to put it into words. I just love him. He really changed the world of music and guitars and it would just be great to see him in action. He is a legend, basically.

Drums - Charlie Watts

I guess I'll put in Charlie Watts on drums because you've got to have at least one member of the Rolling Stones in a fantasy band, right? He's totally great, I'm a big fan.

Lykke Li's album 'Wounded Rhymes' is out on 28 February through LL Recordings/ Atlantic. She tours the UK in April. See

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