My Fantasy Band - Mark Ronson

Gillian Orr
Sunday 23 October 2011 05:01

Vocals - Stevie Wonder and Steve Winwood
Can I have two? Stevie Wonder is just the most amazing singer of all time so he has to be there. Steve Winwood was for me the first important white soul singer I ever heard and he blew me away. I think they'd work well together but Steve would probably modestly let Stevie take centre stage.

Guitar - Curtis Mayfield
Slash is probably my favourite guitarist but he wouldn't fit in this band very well so I'm going to go with Curtis Mayfield. He's known for his singing but he played soulful blues better than anyone.

Bass - James Jamerson
Jamerson was the original and great Motown session bassist. He created the bass on The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back". I basically rip off all his basslines.

Drums - Levon Helm
He's probably my favourite drummer just for the fact that The Band were so funky for a rock group. So many soul bands sampled the laid-back patterns that he produced. On songs such as "Up on Cripple Creek", he played some of the funkiest grooves.

Keyboard - John Lennon
I just want him in this line-up because everybody would be like, "What the hell is John Lennon doing up there?" I wouldn't give him a mic, though.

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