The Word On... Bob Dylan, Together Through Life

Sunday 30 March 2014 05:59

"It's always nice to hear a musical pioneer just relax... you can tell the band is playing with a smile, and Bob Dylan is enjoying his troop as well as every nearly-perfect or heartfelt, misshapen note that they're performing." - Mike Ragogna,

"Despite the fact that for nigh on 10 years Dylan's been writing songs that deal in Americana clichés there seems little danger of him regressing into some kind of dullard purism like, say, Van Morrison." - Chris Jones,

"The bluesy, equal parts Tom Waits and Muddy Waters gravelly vocals that marked his previous three albums are still very much evidenced here. It's just been smoothed around the edges a bit in order to match the more relaxed vibe of the music." -

"Bob Dylan doesn't exactly make easy listening music, but 'Together Through Life' finds him in a musically mellow mood and although darkness lurks in the lyrics there is something relaxed and almost settled about most of these 10 songs." -

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