The Word On... Pet Shop Boys, the new album

Friday 27 March 2009 01:00

"What the album 'Yes' lacks in dynamism, it makes up for in simple pop-song craft, and the set's ringers — the break-up number "The Way it Used to Be" and the melancholic "King of Rome" — are a match for any songs in their history." - Paul Isaacs,

"'Yes' certifiably is a strong album. It's an album that showcases unmistakable talent needing only the breath of fresh production to re-assert relevance again in today's fickle market, yet satisfying loyal fans." - Will W,

"Overall, a pop album that showcases all elements of the Pet Shop Boys sound to a fine level. There aren't quite as many cryptic lyrics as normal, and this seems to have been produced for the masses. It's incredibly well done." -

"'Yes' is a super-concentrated hit of everything there is to enjoy about the Pet Shop Boys: danceable yet everyday pop, with irony behind the warmth and warmth behind the irony. One of their best." - Darren Harvey,

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