50 Cent says cancel culture targets 'heterosexual males' as they're now more inferior

Depsite this, the rapper ‘doesn’t believe’ he can be cancelled

Jacob Stolworthy
Thursday 27 August 2020 08:06 BST
50 Cent sets fire to his Gucci clothes

50 Cent has criticised cancel culture, stating that its biggest target is straight men.

The rapper – real name Curtis Jackson – tore into the mentality of the people who orchestrate campaigns against people, arguing that it boils down to "saying something about someone who chooses something different".

Jackson told Variety that "inferior" demographics are now "more superior" than "heterosexual males... because we have no organisation".

He continued by saying that these demographics "have been conditioned because they’ve been taken advantage of in the earliest stages".

Jackson concluded: "The biggest target is heterosexual males in general."

The rapper, and star of US drama Power, said he thinks it can be "so unfair" when people in the entertainment industry receive backlash.

"I’m an entertainer, so to entertain is, I believe, to provoke emotion," he said.

"They gotta go to jail to get cancelled, they gotta shoot a girl," Jackson added, seemingly hinting at rapper Tory Lanez, who allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in both feet earlier this year.

“You gotta do something extremely bad to be cancelled, and I think it’s so unfair to the people that are," he added.

Despite his claim that "heterosexual males" are the "biggest targets", though, Jackson proclaimed: "I don’t believe I can be cancelled."

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