Anne-Marie recounts Ed Sheeran helping her through a panic attack: ‘He’s actually incredible’

The artists are friends and worked together on her new album

Ellie Harrison
Monday 26 July 2021 12:10
Ed Sheeran performs Shape of You at Glastonbury

Anne-Marie has described how Ed Sheeran helped her through a panic attack.

During an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday (26 July), the singer said of Sheeran: “He’s actually incredible. He’s been one of my favourite people to have in this industry as a friend.

“The other day I had a panic attack and I emailed him going, ‘I’m feeling ok, I just had a panic attack,’ and he goes, ‘Are you OK, do you want me to call?’”

She added: “I’ve had them for a while. They’re getting better because of therapy and I’ve been able to be OK a lot more than in the past.”

When asked whether she knew what triggered her panic attacks, Anne-Marie said she had “no idea”.

“You think that in a situation where you’re panicking for a reason, you have a panic attack, but for the ones I have, I’m sitting at home doing nothing. It’s very strange,” she said.

Anne-Marie is currently promoting her new album, Therapy. Sheeran worked with the artist on the track “Beautiful”.

Last year, Sheeran revealed that he struggled with binge eating and excessive drinking at the height of his fame.

The singer spoke at a Hay House summit about anxiety and wellbeing where he opened up about how his hectic 180-date touring schedule for the album X from 2014 to 2015 caused him to develop unhealthy habits.

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