Aqua to reunite for 20th anniversary of 'Barbie Girl'

The Eurodance group are planning to tour their home country of Denmark in 2017 

Clarisse Loughrey
Tuesday 13 September 2016 09:42 BST
Aqua in 1997 (L-R): Soeren Rasted, Lene Nystrom, Rene Dif, and Claus Norreen
Aqua in 1997 (L-R): Soeren Rasted, Lene Nystrom, Rene Dif, and Claus Norreen

The very peak of the '90s - in all its glory and madness - is set to return.

Aqua will reunite to celebrate 20 years of the frustratingly catchy karaoke mainstay 'Barbie Girl', The Sun reports; with members Lene Nystrøm, René Dif,Søren Rasted, and Claus Norreen announcing a 2017 tour in their home country of Denmark.

The tour will follow a reunion already formed back in 2007, to mark the 10-year anniversary of 'Barbie Girl''s release; presumably meaning will we one day be able to count the passing of years through Aqua reunions, which actually seems like a pretty helpful measure of time.

The Eurodance group originally formed back in 1989, but it was with 1997's breakthrough single "Barbie Girl" and the follow-up album Aquarium that Aqua became an international sensation and - to date - the most successful Danish band ever. Aquarium also saw the release of singles "Roses Are Red", "My Oh My", and "Doctor Jones".

After their release of album Aquarius, the group suddenly split in 2001; with all four members continuing to work within the music industry. At the time, they explained their split to Billboard magazine as, "We have looked each other straight in the eye and reached the conclusion that, for the moment, the spark is missing."

A list of tour dates is yet to be confirmed by the band.

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