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Artpop: Why are Lady Gaga fans campaigning to revive the 2013 album?

Album has climbed the charts overnight

Annabel Nugent@annabelnugent
Wednesday 14 April 2021 07:41

Lady Gaga’s 2013 album Artpop has risen up global iTunes charts eight years after its initial release. 

Yesterday (13 April), the album hit number three in the US charts, placing just below Taylor Swift’s re-release of Fearless and The Best of DMX by the late rapper.

The surprise success comes as a result of the social media campaign #buyARTPOPoniTunes, which went viral on Twitter as part of a fan petition calling on the singer-songwriter to release a sequel to the album.

The online petition to release Artpop Act II has reached nearly 45,000 signatures at the time of writing.

DJ White Shadow – who served as a producer on Artpop – revealed that he had texted Gaga about the social media campaign.

Addressing the musician’s fans, he wrote: “You were heard. I talked to LG last night and she shared my incredible joy. We made a plan to get together after Italy and discuss your wishes.

“No promises made, but kindness and love are strong as steel.”

Gaga – who is currently in Italy filming the forthcoming biographical crime film House of Gucci – has also publicly addressed the petition.

The 35-year-old wrote on Twitter: “The petition to buy #buyARTPOPoniTunes for a volume II has inspired such a tremendous warmth in my heart.”

She added: “I fell apart after I released this album. Thank you for celebrating something that once felt like destruction.

“We always believed it was ahead of its time. Years later turns out, sometimes, artists know. And so do little monsters. Paws up.”

“Little monsters” is an affectionate term used to describe fans of the Chromatica artist.

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