Hello Kitty: Avril Lavigne's new music video will make your eyes and ears bleed

Somewhere in there a 29-year-old woman is weeping

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 24 April 2014 09:59 BST

Avril Lavigne has gone for a bold new direction with her latest music video Hello Kitty, and that direction seems to be 'unhinged kawaii bubblegum pop dubstep'. Run and hide.

The song gets off to a bad start, sampling that sound a car makes when you pull off without having buckled in your seat belt, before launching into a lurid, sugary verse as Avril jumps around in a tutu with decorated with confectionery.

She then proceeds to list a bunch of sleepover clichés - spin the bottle, truth or dare, jumping around in underwear - before manically demanding: "Someone chuck at cupcake at me!"

The best/worst is still to come though, with the dubstep chorus that sounds like something fished out of Skrillex's Recycle Bin.

(If the link dies, you can watch it here)

As much as you want to tear your eyes away and spray mace in the computer screen's direction, stick with it for the second 'drop', which is an oddly mundane montage of Avril quietly drinking sake.

Avril pushed the video out through her Facebook page yesterday but curiously it keeps being taken down on YouTube.

Anyway, here's Japanese girl group Babymetal showing Avril how completely bonkers music videos are really done:

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