Britney Spears asks for accountant to replace ‘threatening’ father as conservator

The pop icon described her ongoing situation as ‘traumatising, insane and depressing’

Kevin E G Perry
Tuesday 27 July 2021 06:24
Britney Spears celebrates as court allows her to pick her own lawyer

Britney Spears has described her father Jamie Spears as “threatening and scary” in new court documents requesting he be replaced by her accountant as conservator.

The musician and her new lawyer, former federal prosecutor Mathew S Rosengart, submitted the documents as part of their attempt to have her father removed from his role as conservator of her estate, the New York Times reports.

They go on to say that Jamie Spears is incapable of handling Britney’s financial affairs, stating that the Spears family "struggled financially under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998."

They add that father and daughter are no longer on speaking terms, and that the current conservatorship situation is "traumatizing, insane and depressing."

The pair’s relationship is described as "venomous" and one which "impairs Ms Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career."

Along with those documents, Spears and Rosengart also filed a petition asking for Jason Rubin to be named as the new conservator of her estate.

Rubin is a Certified Public Accountant who specialises in forensic accounting. According to his website, he has “managed complex trust portfolios” and “also has experience in working on financial elder abuse litigation”.

Spears’ estate was listed as including cash assets of $2.7m (£1.9m) and non-cash assets of more than $57m (£41m).

The filing also includes a request for Rubin to be able to revoke all the other power of attorneys that are currently in place for Spears, including the power to make healthcare decisions on her behalf.

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It also applies to professional commitments, and would give him “the power and authorisation to pursue opportunities related to professional commitments and activities including but not limited to performing, recording, videos, tours, TV shows, and other similar activities as long as they are approved by the conservator of the person, the conservatee’s medical team”, NPR reported.

A hearing regarding this petition is scheduled for 13 December.