Cardi B defends ‘insensitive’ tweet about $88k purse following backlash

‘Maybe don’t flaunt it while some of us are struggling,’ one fan wrote

Adam White
Monday 07 December 2020 12:10
Cardi B tells fans to stop 'harassing' her on Instagram live
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Cardi B has defended tweeting about buying a $88,000 (£66,000) purse after facing criticism from fans.

The “WAP” rapper tweeted on Sunday (6 December) that she was mulling the purchase, writing: “Should I spend 88K for this damn purse? Omggg it’s tempting.”

The tweet was immediately criticised, with many suggesting that the message was inappropriate. Others suggested that Cardi spend her money more thoughtfully.

“Donate 88k to a charity for people that need help right now,” one person wrote.

Another added: “It’s your money and you earned it so do with it what you will, but maybe don’t flaunt it while some of us are struggling, food bank lines stretch for miles, and many many people are being evicted due to loss of job/income.”

Cardi was quick to hit back against the criticism, insisting that she already gives significant sums of money to charity. 

Along with tweeting that she has given millions of dollars to coronavirus relief this year, she asked fans to send her receipts showing their own charitable donations, which Cardi pledged to match.

One of Cardi’s followers tweeted that she found the purse tweet “insensitive”, while adding that she still remained grateful for being personally given $500 (£377) by Cardi this summer.

“So ya drag celebrities to not spend their hard workin money on things that they desire,” Cardi replied. “But the same people that you donate too [sic] are the same people that’s going to talk s*** bout you in a couple of months?”

“I didn’t offended no body, didn’t do nothing illegal [sic],” Cardi wrote in regards to her initial purse tweet. “I’m not going to apologise because I work my ass off and I ask MY FANS! Which ARE MY FRIENDS A QUESTION! Ya want to be hurt so bad.”

Cardi B in January

“Definitely buying the bag now,” she tweeted soon after.

In November, Cardi apologised for breaching lockdown rules by hosting a Thanksgiving gathering of more than 40 people.

She also hit back at critics who accused her of being a “pawn” of president-elect Joe Biden in the run-up to the US election.

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