Coldplay: How Chris Martin’s band plan to do a eco-friendly tour in 2022

Music of the Spheres world tour kicks off next year

Louis Chilton
Friday 15 October 2021 09:03 BST
Coldplay will stop making records after 12th album

Coldplay are preparing to embark on a world tour, two years after pledging not to tour without finding an environmentally sustainable way of doing so.

With the pop group set to begin their global string of performances next March, frontman Chris Martin has opened up about the band’s 12-point plan to reduce their carbon footprint.

The singer told the BBC that their gigs will feature “kinetic flooring technology”.

This means that electricity will be generated when fans jump up and down on a specially constructed dancefloor.

“When they move, they power the concert,” said Martin. “And we have bicycles too that do the same thing.”

Another feature of Coldplay’s eco-friendly plan is for the band to plant a tree for every ticket sold.

Air travel will be used as minimally as possible, although Martin has conceded that some travelling on private jets will take place. Sustainable aviation fuel will be used in these cases.

Coldplay are requesting that the venues in which they perform implement a number of eco-friendly practices, such as the installation of aerated taps and low-flushing toilets.

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The shows themselves will be tailored to be as eco-friendly as possible, with the sets built from materials like bamboo. Stage effects such as laser shows and lighting will be modified to optimise energy efficiency.

Coldplay’s tour kicks off on 18 March, and will feature several dates in the UK in August 2022.

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