DJ Khaled's 12-minute Bahamanian 'celebration film' is the most hip-hop thing ever

'They don't want you to be on a jet ski doing 360s'

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 06 November 2014 12:49

DJ Khaled could have marked the chart success of his "Hold You Drown" track with Chris Brown with a humble tweet thanking fans, but instead he went to the Bahamas and shot a 12-minute documentary for World Star Hip Hop celebrating himself and wrestling with an absurdly-oversized bottle of champagne.

There is so much to love about this video, the gaudy opulence, the repetition, but here's a few highlights to look out for:

- DJ Khaled trying to pour champagne underwater

- The bottle kind of sinking him at one point

- Flipping the bird from a jet ski

- Taking a selfie on a jet ski

- Belly flopping from a yacht

- The fact that he doesn't actually have the "number one record in the country" but the number one urban record

- Washing his gold chains in the shower

- Just having sex with someone at one point

- His "number one breakfast" of egg whites

- The line "They don't want you to be on a jet ski doing 360s"

- A zoom close-up of some chicken wings

- Pouring champagne again

- The champagne actually being a sparkling rosé

(H/T Noisey)

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