Ed Miliband attempts death metal scream on Radio 2

It was ultimately more of a loud whimper

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 21 June 2017 16:08

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband's guest hosting of Jeremy Vine's BBC Radio 2 show is already going swimmingly.

Ed caught up with Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway this morning for a discussion piece on "extreme metal".

"I'm now going to take my career into my hands, if it's not already gone down the pan..." Miliband warned, before giving a scream in the style of the grindcore/death metal band a go.

It wasn't the most ferocious vocal bless him, with Greenway critiquing: "No, you need more throat."

"Seems unlikely I will get death metal record deal..." Miliband later commented on Twitter alongside a cry emoji.

Next week, former Conservatives leader Iain Duncan Smith will front the show in Vine's absence, hopefully attempting a pig squeal.

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