Eels unveil an incredible animated video for 'Bone Dry' - premiere

New album 'The Deconstruction' is out now

Roisin O'Connor
Music Correspondent
Friday 06 April 2018 09:05

Eels have revealed the brilliant animated video for their song "Bone Dry" from new album The Deconstruction - and you can watch it first via The Independent.

Drawing on influences such as Disney's 1929 animation Skeleton Dance, along with the works of Ray HarryHausen [1963's Jason and the Argonauts] and Chris Hopewell [Radiohead, 'Burn The Witch', Run The Jewels, 'Don't Get Captured'], the video was produced and directed by Starburn Industries.

Check out the video (above).

Director Sofia Astrom (Starburns Industries) said: "E really liked Duke Johnson’s idea of dancing skeletons for “Bone Dry”. My co-producer and art director Tony Candelaria and I knew that we needed the best skeleton animator in the world, so we brought in Anthony Scotts (Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride) to help us make E’s skeletons come to life.

"I love the contrast between the upbeat, almost ironic, tune of the song juxtaposed by the sincere lyrics about loss of love and trust. My aim was to reflect that in the video by contrasting the humorous parts of the skeleton band dancing with skeleton E wandering aimlessly through the graveyard searching for connection."

E says the track is “an answer to our song “Fresh Blood"... what happens if the hunter in “Fresh Blood” becomes the prey?”

The Deconstruction by Eels is out now - read The Independent's 4* review here

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