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Frank Ocean new album: Fans angry as another July comes and goes with no album nor explanation

'It's like he enjoys fucking with the people that supported him,' one fumed

Christopher Hooton
Monday 01 August 2016 08:21 BST

"#ALBUM3 #JULY2015" Frank Ocean promised for the Channel Orange follow-up last year, before swiftly disappearing off the face of the Earth (bar the odd feature).

Then last month, a year after the original release date, he indicated through a date stamp card nodding to the delays that it would be coming July 2016.

Here we are on 1 August however, and there's still no sign of it.

Album delays are completely understandable and no-one would want Frank to rush it. Hell, if it takes him 10 years to make a solid gold album that's fine, but maybe keep people in the loop?

UPDATE WAIT A MINUTE HOLD THE PHONE STOP THE SERVERS: Frank seems to be live-streaming something or other on the Boys Don't Cry website. It loads better on mobile. Just white noise and a static shot of a warehouse so far.

The feeling is best summed up by this (albeit a little too angry) Reddit comment:

"Frank's fans deserve a fucking explanation, and I'm not talking about an interview or a letter. Just a few sentences saying "scrapped the first album now I'm working to finish the second sorry for the delay. He's being a fucking asshole knowing he has millions of fans, and TWICE after 4 years not saying shit about the stuff he himself hyped up. It's not even about being a fan anymore, as a person why be such a dick? If you know you have millions of fans then don't fuck around twice and do the same shit TWICE. It's like he enjoys fucking with the people that supported him."

We've reached out to Frank's people for an update. Until then, try and find some solace in this excellent Frank quote: “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

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